Fiddlers Cross

Fiddlers Cross

There’s a new banker in town, making his name, scorching the earth around distressed loans. After another busy day working the guillotine for his employers, he heads down to a local pub to unwind. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it, someone with ambition, and now he needs something stronger than fishing. Silence descends when he walks in past the creaking door. Then, through a random act of kindness from a fellow stranger, with whom he finds he shares a love of angling, our banker turns up a further business opportunity. It will involve a touch of moonlighting but, if he plays his cards right, he’s in for a major bonus. First he needs to borrow some cash that’s just resting in the vault and that no one will miss between two working days.

Starring Gerry O’Brien of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, King Arthur, The Tudors and Father Ted, this 19 min film won first prize in the Best Screenplay category at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August 2014.

PS The swearing wasn’t in the script but the lead actor got on a roll and the director let him at it.

PPS The lead actor’s coat is missing in the final scene because his house was burgled during the making of the film.

PPPS The actor playing the banker had to Heimlich the one playing the doorman in a restaurant during the making of the film.

Password: F1ddler5Cro55