Copper Coast, Waterford, Ireland

Copper Coast, Waterford, Ireland


25th June, Saturday

BB was in town. I took him east, as far as Woodstown, near the Saratoga pub. Unfortunately the tide was far out where the trees go down to the sea.


Photographed a glamorous hen party setting sail in the nearby fishing village of Dunmore East, after we walked down to the pier.


The girls headed up the estuary on a little blue boat. There are other villages where one can stop to take on provisions. The middle of the village of Dunmore was sealed off by numerous bouncer types for a market: artisan nosebag you’d pay through the nose for.


Heading west again, the stretch of the Copper Coast – once a mining area – between the villages of Annestown and Bonmahon is marvellous, even on a cloudy afternoon. Nothing bleak like in the West. This is the south coast.